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Spa Zazz - Kiwi Pear

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Can I Depend On Quality?

Spazazz is specifically formulated to be safe for Hot Tubs, Bath Tubs, Jacuzzis and spas. It will not clog filters, motors or jets and will not affect the PH Level or water chemistry. Spazazz does not foam, bubble, and is safe for all acrylics.

What Is The Difference Between The Crystals and The Elixirs?

All-Natural Aromatherapy Crystals therapeutic qualities include: muscle relaxants, anti-inflammatory, and enhancement of innate self-healing capabilities. All-Natural Aromatherapy Elixirs include: Skin Moisturizers, Water Softeners and Aroma Longevity. For The Best of Both Worlds, combine the Crystals and Elixir for the ultimate spa experience.

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